You’re on the road a lot, and good eats are notorious for making the trip more interesting and the health fallout more fattening.    Now that you’re driving the epic life, watching your favorite shows on EpicVue and taking some good quality downtime, you’re going to need a nice stock of culinary company with each […]

Everybody knows that texting while driving is a bad idea. But when you’re sitting in the cabin of a vehicle with enough weight and velocity to make boulders nervous, tiny cars with distracted drivers just seem ridiculous.   Kenneth Parkhurst has been driving for 19 years, and when we asked him what the most surprising thing […]

EpicVue equipment draws a minimal amount of wattage without compromising charge time or quality. The system has three units that plug into the cabin inverter—the EpicVue dome and dish; a personal television; and a DVR receiver. Combined, they draw different wattage amounts depending on the mode: Startup (approximately 2 minutes)—102 watts Continuous operation—44 watts Standby Mode […]

Boyd Brothers has a heritage of working hard, working smart and enjoying life. James Watkins, the fleet’s communications manager, explains how EpicVue sustains a driving culture focused on quality of life.   Boyd Brothers,  headquartered in Clayton, Alabama, is a flatbed truckload carrier that operates throughout the eastern two-thirds of the United States, hauling primarily […]

One stormy afternoon, early on in his career as a fleet driver, Darrin Williams looked past his windshield wipers and watched the car beside him drive off the road and make tracks for a nearby body of water. “I was 17, it was raining like crazy, this car was by me, and all of a […]