Being a fleet manager is one of the most rewarding and interesting careers out there; however, that does not mean it’s an easy one. Like with any other job, there are challenges you’ll face daily.  Managing a truck fleet comes with countless responsibilities, and the person managing it must have a lengthy list of specific […]

Life away from home and behind the wheel of a long haul truck can feel unbelievably lonely and isolating. Long haul truck drivers can spend several days, even weeks, away from the comforts of home and loved ones. A career in trucking requires much more than just physical abilities, excellent driving skills, and the capacity […]

Quality truck fleet management with a good strategy is a vital element for success in the trucking industry. These systems are necessary for communication, and processes are sure to succeed. There’s no doubt that the best semi-truck fleet teams are those that are effectively and efficiently managed, making a great fleet manager worth their weight […]

Life as a truck driver can be challenging, but sleeper trucks can make the long shifts and countless hours away from loved ones easier. Undoubtedly, a truck driver’s long haul is lonely and difficult. Being away from friends and family for days or weeks can feel isolating, and maybe even a sentence to solitary confinement. […]

Exercises for truck drivers that are effective and convenient for life on the road are crucial to truckers’ overall health and wellness. When you’re living your life behind the wheel, mental and physical health can take the back seat. Whether your long haul is several days or a few weeks, getting (or staying) in shape […]

Interested in streaming services or TV for Truckers? Here’s why truck drivers watch during their mandatory downtime. The life of a truck driver is much different than most other occupations. Drivers spend countless hours behind the wheel and on the road, but what do they do when they aren’t actively driving? There are many things […]

Every experienced truck driver has a list of things that they absolutely need in their truck while they’re on the road. When you’re going on a long trip, packing the essentials is, well, essential! And it’s no different for those in the business of long distance trucking. For truckers, packing can feel like a constant […]

Finding exercise equipment perfect for truckers can feel tricky, but we’re filling you in on everything you need to take along during your long hauls. Life on the road as a truck driver can make taking care of yourself, both mentally and physically, incredibly challenging. Days, sometimes weeks, are spent away from home and everyday […]

The best way for all to relax and settle in for the night, one that just about everybody can all get on board with, is watching TV. But how do truck drivers watch TV on the road? Well, there are a few ways they can do this. 

Between rising operations costs, demanding customers, employee and supply shortages, and more, fleet management is becoming more and more challenging. The stresses of managing a fleet can be incredibly overwhelming. Handling constant variables and changes with finesse is becoming more and more important to optimize your team’s performance. If you are looking to tighten your […]