How does it work?

We’re giving fleets with 100 or more OTR trucks the opportunity to put EpicVue dollars towards their driver recruiting efforts. The amount of funding earned each month will be based on the percentage of the fleet’s OTR trucks that have been outfitted with EpicVue as follows:

20% to 39.9% = $1 per truck per month
40% to 59.9% = $2 per truck per month
60% to 79.9% = $3 per truck per month
80% to 100% = $4 per truck per month

Qualifying fleets will be given access to EpicVue’s co-op portal where these monthly balances will be maintained.  In this portal, fleets will have the opportunity to order standard marketing products or can submit a custom proposal.
Please speak with your EpicVue Sales Executive about getting enrolled in this program.



Why now?

We’re not new to the recruitment game. Getting new drivers on the road can be one of the most difficult tasks to tackle for a fleet, and that’s where EpicVue comes in. We’re providing effective solutions to supplement your current marketing strategy and recruit the next generation of drivers.