EpicVue Satellite TV

With you for the long haul

Home on the Road

It's finally here.

EpicVue-where innovation and technology meet to deliver the industry’s first and only premium in-vehicle satellite TV, packaged exclusively for fleets.

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How It Works

With the EpicVue dome mounted and aligned outside the cab and the DIRECTV receiver connected with power inside the cab, the driver is ready to watch 100+ channels of premium entertainment.

  • EpicVue satellite dome
  • DIRECTV receiver
  • 24″ flat screen TV
  • Mounting and cabline equipment
  • Local area antenna

That’s downtime well spent.

With full access to premium entertainment like NFL Sunday Ticket, HBO, Showtime and 100+ other channels, fleet drivers can experience TV like never before.

Fleet Packages


per month, 5 year agreement


per month, 3-year agreement

Include inMotion


per month

Full replacement warranty and 24-7 driver support