What does it take to get qualified drivers?

We surveyed them to find out.

It might seem simple, but the truth is an overwhelming number of drivers said perks are what attracted them to the company they drive for. And we have the numbers to prove it. We were able to survey over 100 drivers, most of whom have over a year of experience and work for either a mid-size or large carrier. We asked them why they chose to work at the company they do and why they stay there, and we found some compelling whys.

Why did you choose to drive for the carrier you're with now?

77% of the millennials interviewed said perks are what attracted them to their present carriers.

Gen X drivers—40% actually—also identified perks as the biggest reason for choosing a carrier closely followed by reputation.

Of the baby boomers surveyed, 38% said perks were the biggest influence on their carrier choice; 36% said it was location.

What does your carrier do that creates loyalty to them?

We asked drivers what their carriers did to create loyalty with them. Millennials definitively pointed to perks as the primary reason they stayed.

While millennials said perks make them stay, baby boomer and Gen X drivers want communication and respect. When you listen to your drivers, you can hear what they really want.

Quality drivers want a home away from home.

Perks are on your drivers’ minds. They’re on our minds too. We provide in-cab satellite TV for your fleet so your drivers can feel more at home while on the road. When your drivers feel at home, they start to feel more like family. And drivers who feel like family stick around.