EpicVue creates an experience of familiarity for drivers that rejuvenates and energizes your fleet. Doctor Anna Akbari explains the sociological reasons why EpicVue works.

Dr Anna Akabari
Why TV Matters

Recruitment and retention.
Harder than ever.

EpicVue offers a little home away from home by giving drivers the opportunity to kick back, relax and watch a show in the comfort of their own cab. It's a gesture designed to create loyalty, appreciation and commitment between drivers and their fleets.

for every truck.

EpicVue outfits your fleet with premium in-vehicle satellite TV.


  • EpicVue satellite dome
  • DIRECTV receiver
  • 24” flat screen TV
  • Mounting and cabling equipment
  • Local area antenna

Mounting options

Finding a signal in the most remote places is no problem with these mounting solutions:

Rear Mount Mount

Rear Mount

The rear mount is permanently locked and secured into a slip bracket on the rear of the cab.

View Rear Mount ›

Window Mount Mount

Window Mount

The window mount connects to a small temporary bracket which hangs on the cab window. The dome and mount are removed and stored inside the cab when the truck is in motion.

View Window Mount ›

Roof Mount Mount

Roof Mount

The roof mount has three footings that are permanently secured to the top of the cab.

View Roof Mount ›

Dome Specs

How the system works

  • 1 / Truck must be stationary with an unobstructed view of the southeastern sky.
  • 2 / Driver flips a switch to power on the EpicVue dome.
  • 3 / The dome takes a few minutes to retrieve the signal.
  • 4 / With the DIRECTV receiver on, the driver is now watching live television.

Note: Drivers can use the DVR to safely record shows while sleeping or working.

Fleet packages


per month, 5-year agreement


per month, 3-year agreement

Include inMotion


per month

Full replacement warranty and 24-7 driver support

*No equipment purchase. Price pending credit approval.

*inMotion ($10) monthly fee is added to the term agreement

Everywhere is home,
everywhere is local.

Get local weather and news with the off-air antenna.

There's no impact
on fuel mileage.

An aerodynamic design decreases dome wind resistance, eliminating any negative impact on fuel mileage.

epicvue dome
EpicVue was such a hit with our first batch of drivers, we couldn’t make our second order fast enough. The investment is paying back so quickly.

Sean Snow - Interide Transport

It has greatly helped driver turnover. We’ve got guys standing in line waiting for this to be installed in our trucks.

James Watkins - Boyd Bros Transportation

I absolutely think it makes for a happier driver. I have guys come into my office every single day asking where do I sign up?

Steve Schelin - Pride Transport

I can’t see many reasons why you wouldn’t do this. Driver satisfaction is through the roof.

Sean Snow - Interide Transport

Sign on bonuses? Now we just offer EpicVue.

Steve Schelin - Pride Transport

EpicVue keeps drivers connected whenever they park—even in the most remote locations.

Get your fleet on board.

Call 844-EPICVUE (374-2883) or email at info@epicvue.com