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Case Studies & Testimonials

“We poll our drivers periodically to make sure we’re providing the right benefits and amenities, and many are telling us that EpicVue improves their quality of life on the road. Being able to watch TV during rest stops and while waiting to load or unload is a big deal to them. Many of our drivers with EpicVue systems are asked by other company drivers about the system, which is a fantastic opportunity to recruit drivers.” – Jannelle Kennedy, Program Coordinator, TMC Transportation


TMC Transportation

We’ve implemented several strategies that are having a positive effect on driver retention, but our drivers are happier and they stay longer thanks to EpicVue. We can’t effectively retain drivers unless we offer in-cab satellite TV and we can’t imagine trying to recruit new drivers without having EpicVue to offer. To make life on the road more like home and improve the quality of life for our drivers we just needed to put EpicVue in our trucks. Shawn Nelson
V.P. of Safety and Driver Relations - RE Garrison Trucking, Inc.
EpicVue is a major part of our plan to cut driver turnover and boost retention. Since we announced that our entire fleet would be outfitted with satellite TV systems we’ve seen our over the road driver turnover rate cut in half and recruitment rates are up by 70%. At a cost of $30,000 per driver for retention and $5,000 to hire each new driver for our growing operation, the savings add up quickly. Brad Pinchuk
President - Hirschbach Motor Lines
EpicVue satellite TV packages are quickly becoming a valuable recruiting and retention tool. We saw the addition of in-cab satellite TV systems in our trucks as a way to improve the quality of life for our drivers and accelerate the growth of our fleet. Brian Weiss
Director of Driver Services - Hirschbach Motor Lines