Over-the-air Antenna (Samsung TV)

Feb 27, 2023

(if purchased separately) Note: This service only works while the truck is stationary; it will not work while the truck is in motion. The local area antenna receives power for its amplifier through the USB cord plugged into the back of the DIRECTV receiver. To access local area channels, run a channel scan every time you change locations. (see www.dtv.gov/map)
  1. With the TV on, press the SOURCE button on the black TV remote.
  2. Select TV as the source.
  3. Press the MENU button on the black TV remote.
  5. Select AUTO PROGRAM.
  6. Select Start.
  7. Set Antenna to Air.
  8. Select SCAN.
Note: It is important to allow the device to completely scan to 100%. If the device is not allowed to search for all available stations, some could be missing from the channel list.