Turning Off

Feb 27, 2023

WARNING: For stationary units, before driving you must always power down the EpicVue dome. Failure to power down the dome while in motion will result in damage to the dome. Non-drivers can watch pre-recorded programming from the DVR on the DIRECTV receiver while the tractor is in motion. When not in use, it is best to unplug the receiver. This will prevent damage to the DVR hard drive. DRIVERS SHOULD NEVER WATCH TV WHILE DRIVING.
  1. Push the OFF button on your white DIRECTV remote.
  2. Flip the power strip switch to the "off" position and unplug the DIRECTV receiver plug from the power strip. This ensures that no power is sent to the DIRECTV receiver.
  3. Turn the EpicVue dome off by flipping the wall plate switch to the “off” position. If you don’t have a wall plate switch, simply unplug the 12-volt adapter from the cigarette lighter.