Here’s Why Truckers Watch TV During Their Travels

Truck Drivers

Jan 4, 2023

Interested in streaming services or TV for Truckers? Here’s why truck drivers watch during their mandatory downtime.

The life of a truck driver is much different than most other occupations. Drivers spend countless hours behind the wheel and on the road, but what do they do when they aren’t actively driving?

There are many things drivers can do during their downtime. Between getting in touch with loved ones, playing tourist wherever they’re visiting, doing their favorite hobbies, and more, there’s a lot to do during their mandatory rest and recovery time. However, the most common thing they do is enjoy TV in a truck. 

Not sure why truckers watch TV while they’re on the road? We’re filling you in on everything you need to know. Continue reading to learn more below.



3 Reasons Why Truckers Watch TV During Their Downtime


Have you ever wondered why truckers watch TV during their downtime? Here are just a few reasons why:


  1. Improved Work-Life Balance — The life of a truck driver is pretty surprising to a lot of people. Their schedules can be filled with deadlines that require driving through the night or waking up early to avoid traffic.

    This, coupled with countless hours away from loved ones and their regular routines, affects their sleep patterns and often results in excessive fatigue. Having tired drivers behind the wheel is an obvious hazard and a huge risk to themselves and anyone else sharing the road. 

Did you know that truck drivers are at the highest risk of overwork-related cerebrovascular and cardiovascular disease? Because truckers are already at a heightened disadvantage both mentally and physically due to the nature of their occupation and work schedule, this fact is especially concerning!

Providing truckers with a decent way to balance their work and personal lives is crucial and directly impacts their levels of happiness and contentment. 

Drivers are much less likely to feel as though they are only living to work if there is some sort of balance. A balanced life means better, happier, more productive employees. A decent work-life balance means drivers are more positive and have a helpful, can-do attitude, and are more willing to provide quality work. 

But how does a fleet manager offer their drivers a balanced life in terms of work and personal life? A great way to do it is by offering their crew members perks like the ability to watch their go-to TV shows, regardless of where they are on the road. 

If truck drivers want to improve their work-life balance, watching TV during downtime is a great place to start.


  1. An Ideal Time to Catch Up — As you can imagine, truckers can spend days and, in some cases, weeks away from their loved ones. So, when they’re home, that time with their friends and family members is incredibly valuable. For some truck drivers, the last thing they want to fill their time with while they are home is watching TV or movies. 

Sure, there are some people who love doing that together, but for others, the time at home is filled with things they cannot do on the road. 

Things like tending family gatherings, going to dinner, playing games, catching up with friends, and more tend to fill up the calendar, and watching shows takes the back seat. Being present with loved ones wins!

When drivers are on the road, there is mandatory rest and recovery time, and the perfect way to fill that downtime is by watching their favorite TV shows and movies and catching up on anything they missed while focusing on those they love. 

Once the text messages have been sent and video calls are done, drivers can kick back, relax, and catch up on all their favorite on-demand shows. 


  1. Counteract Lonely and Isolating Feelings — It’s no secret that life on the road and behind the wheel can be incredibly isolating for truck drivers. Loneliness as a trucker during those long hauls (and even short ones!) is a real thing.

    These feelings of isolation can be shockingly overwhelming and can result in serious mental health issues. TV for truckers is a great way to counteract these negative emotions.

Being alone is not only about a lack of physical presence. It certainly is that; however, it is also a mental state. Having a TV in a truck can help fulfill the human need for personal connection and interaction.

Despite a driver being physically alone, the people on the screen can help counteract lonely feelings, keeping them company and feeling like they are a part of something.

Sure, there may be some people on long hauls truck drivers see periodically, like a fellow truck driver or a server or store clerk at their favorite truck stop, but, for the vast majority, the faces tuckers see on the road are not familiar ones. But the faces on their screens are familiar.


Want TV for Truckers? Get EpicVue!


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Watching EpicVue during lonely long hauls can help counteract feelings of isolation. It is the perfect way for truck drivers to relax during mandatory downtime. Moreover, happy, healthy drivers are much more likely to stay with your fleet, significantly reducing the tedious and costly cycle of recruitment. 

EpicVue specializes in outfitting semi trucks with premium in-cab streaming services.

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