Interide Transport outfitting trucks with EpicVue TV package

Fleet Manager

Jan 22, 2015

—CCJ staff EpicVue announced that Interide Transport is outfitting its entire fleet with the EpicVue in-cab satellite TV package as a recruiting tool. The satellite systems are helping fill all available seats with drivers, and generating a payback in less than six months per truck from lower recruiting costs, the announcement said. “With EpicVue as a driver recruiting tool our unseated truck count has dropped from eight percent to zero,” said Sean Snow, founder and CEO of Interide Transport, a refrigerated carrier based in Salt Lake City, Utah. “We have every seat filled, and we attribute a large part of that to having satellite TV in every truck.” Snow also credited new equipment, dedicated routes designed to accommodate driver needs, good pay and fuel and safety bonuses.
According to Snow, EpicVue is now a key part of Interide Transport’s effort to make its truck cabs into “the rolling hotels of the future.”
“Our goal is to provide all the comforts of home, especially for a younger generation of drivers that expects technology to be available to them,” he added. “EpicVue helps us attract experienced drivers from other companies. It’s a differentiator for drivers who have experience and good records, the kind of drivers we want to have work here. It also allows us to hire only better qualified drivers because we’re not in need of poor performers just to fill seats. EpicVue is the draw that brings drivers to us.” In a press release from EpicVue, Snow said he measures EpicVue’s value as part of our driver recruiting budget. “We have realized a very fast payback,” he added. “While we can spend at least $3,000 to recruit a driver, EpicVue has no upfront costs and only costs about $600 per year in monthly subscription fees. For every driver that comes to us because we have satellite TV in our trucks we eliminate marketing and advertising costs. Even after we pay sign-on bonuses and referral fees, we see a return on our investment in EpicVue in less than six months per truck.” Interide Transport began outfitting its trucks with EpicVue in June 2014, installing the systems initially in 30 units. Another order was quickly placed for 30 more EpicVue systems, followed by the decision to outfit the entire fleet. The fleet’s mechanics, trained by EpicVue, can install the satellite TV systems, including an antenna, DVR and 24-inch flat screen TV, in less than two hours per vehicle. Original source: