It’s your choice. You can enhance driver quality of life today or wait for the next technology that might improve recruiting and retention. But there is already a proven solution. With satellite TV driver entertainment is reliable and less costly.   You’re already buying late model trucks, and offering better pay and benefits packages along […]

Royal Trucking is installing in its 250 tractors the EpicVue in-cab satellite TV package designed for commercial fleets.   EpicVue offers more than 100 channels of DirecTV programming, including HBO/Cinemax, Showtime and the NFL Sunday Ticket directly into the driver’s sleeper for a monthly subscription fee and without upfront hardware costs. Salt Lake City-based EpicVue […]

Fleets Credit In-Cab Satellite TV With Boosting Driver Satisfaction     Longhaul trucking can be a difficult and isolating job, but some fleets have turned to electronic in-cab entertainment to keep drivers connected and boost their job satisfaction. And when drivers are satisfied, better retention and recruiting numbers often follow.   The onus for researching, […]