TV’s in Sleeper Trucks: Here’s What You Can Expect


Feb 1, 2023

Life as a truck driver can be challenging, but sleeper trucks can make the long shifts and countless hours away from loved ones easier. Undoubtedly, a truck driver’s long haul is lonely and difficult. Being away from friends and family for days or weeks can feel isolating, and maybe even a sentence to solitary confinement. And with the intense pressure to meet deadlines while fighting traffic, it’s no wonder truck drivers are exhausted when the time comes to fulfill their mandatory rest and recovery time. Drivers need to find a way to unwind and unplug from the stresses of their days, and what better way than sleeper trucks? And why not take it even further: a TV in semi-trucks. Watching TV at home is just about everyone’s favorite way to relax and disconnect, so why not enjoy those comforts on the road right from your sleeper truck? Want to learn more about what you can expect with TVs in sleeper trucks? Keep scrolling below.

What is a Sleeper Cab Truck?

Sleeper trucks are tractor units with an extended cabin with an attached sleeping compartment behind the driver’s and passenger’s seats. These truck cabs are used by long-haul drivers delivering loads that cannot be delivered in one shift because of various laws. These laws are set in place for safety and personal function. Drivers must take a 10-hour sleeping period. Unlike other vehicles, sleeper trucks are heavy-duty trucks that must be handled by expert truck drivers with special driver's licenses. These drivers are responsible for safely operating a commercial vehicle to transport the shipment of products we use every day. A sleeper cab truck also allows truckers to be on the road for many days or weeks. They can even accommodate team drivers, where one person is driving while the other is resting or sleeping. This way, the truck can continue moving and making delivery progress while someone rests.

Do All Semi Truck Cabs Have Sleepers?

No, not all semi-trucks have sleeping berths. Decades ago, there were only day cab trucks. Because of the need to transport large, heavy loads for long distances – sometimes across the entire country – heavy-duty semi trucks were made. Without a sleeper cab, drivers had to sleep in a hotel or upright in their trucks. Day cab semis may get better gas mileage, but there’s something to say about a sleeper truck that you can make your own. It’s like a home on wheels and comes with many perks. Of course, one cabin can vary from the next; however, here are some of the common amenities truckers can enjoy in a sleeper truck:
  • Sleeping Area: This is the area where drivers sleep. Most trucks feature a twin-sized mattress. In some areas, this bed pulls down from the wall, while others have a loft area.
  • Thick Blackout Curtains — If you want the best sleep possible, it’s best to limit light. Sleeper trucks typically feature blackout curtains on any rear windows and a dividing curtain between the sleeping area and driving area to keep out light.
  • Storage Compartments — Storage can be hard to come by in a day cab. However, a sleeper truck might boast a few storage areas where the driver can keep their personal belongings, food, and more.
  • Climate Control — Sleeping in a climate-controlled area ensures truck drivers will get the best sleep possible. A comfortable sleeping temperature is vital for well-rested, alert drivers.
  • Kitchenette — Some sleeper trucks feature a kitchenette, including a microwave, hot plate, mini fridge and freezer, small dining table, and more.
  • Electricity — Electricity is essential for sleeper cab trucks. It allows drivers to charge their phones, cook food, and watch TV.

Watching TV in Sleeper Trucks

It wasn’t that many years ago that watching TV on the road, let alone TV in semi trucks, was even possible. Now, there are several different ways truck drivers can watch TV and consume other content while they’re away on the road. The drivers of years past may have preferred to watch TV shows and movies offline, utilizing DVDs and a DVD player.  While effective, this method requires buying movies to add to your collection over time. With this comes a few obstacles: first, buying movies can become costly. Second, DVDs can take up valuable space in a truck cab, where space is already limited. And third, many new releases are not readily available on DVD. Nowadays, most truck drivers have graduated from DVDs and are looking to consume content a bit more easily. Streaming their favorite shows and movies is an excellent option and is considerably more convenient for those living a significant portion of their life behind the wheel. That’s where EpicVue comes in.

Want to Watch TV From Your Sleeper Trucks? EpicVue Can Help!

Watching TV from the comfort of sleeper trucks to make various aspects of life on the road is made easy with EpicVue! Watching TV during those long hauls right from the comfort of your sleeper cab truck is a great way to counteract those heavy feelings of loneliness and isolation. TV in Semi trucks is the perfect way for truck drivers to relax and unwind during mandatory downtime. EpicVue specializes in outfitting semi trucks with premium in-cab televisions to make streaming easy. EpicVue allows your team to kick back and watch TV on the road. This gesture is meant to create appreciation, commitment, and loyalty between drivers and their fleets.  Moreover, happy and healthy truckers are much more likely to stay with a fleet, which significantly reduces the tedious and costly cycle of recruitment and retention.  Not part of a fleet? Not a problem! Owner-operators can enjoy the benefits of EpicVue, too! With virtually countless viewing and content options, truck drivers are sure to find something they want to watch, regardless of their preferences. Contact the team at EpicVue today to learn more.