5 Reasons Why You Should Have Satellite TV for Your Truck Drivers

Truck Drivers

Mar 23, 2022

Are you a fleet manager? Are you thinking about getting satellite TV for your truck drivers? It is no secret that life on the road can be challenging for drivers and fleet managers. Between long hours and being away from loved ones, driving trucks for a living, like many other occupations, comes with difficult parts. 

Thankfully, unlike many other jobs, there's something you can do for your truck drivers. You can add satellite TV to your trucks. Continue reading to learn why this is a good idea.



5 Reasons Why You Should Add Satellite TV for Your Truck Drivers


  1. Attract More Drivers — There is a shortage of truck drivers, just like there is in many professional industries today. This situation has gotten so dire that more and more shipments are becoming even more delayed than they already have been. If you want to attract new drivers to join your fleet, you need to offer exciting and enticing perks.

Managing this unprecedented shortage of truck drivers has proven to be challenging. Some blame the lack of drivers on the long hours, low pay, or the countless days and weeks spent away from loved ones back home. 

Whatever the cause, the shortage has put a strain on the trucking industry and many other sectors in our society. One way to attract drivers to your fleet is by outfitting your trucks with satellite TV so your drivers can watch TV on the road. 


  1. Better Retention — Retaining drivers is one of the most challenging and costly obstacles that fleet managers face today. If you're sick and tired of being in the stressful position of being short-staffed and finding replacement drivers, it is crucial to find ways to reduce turnover rates.
    Over the last few years, more and more carriers have realized that outfitting their trucks with in-cab satellite TV systems helps retain drivers, in addition to paying more per mile and implementing other strategies. More and more fleet managers are losing team members to other carriers because they offer satellite TV systems to their drivers. You can significantly improve your retention rates by providing perks similar to this.
  2. Boost Morale — A significant part of employee retention is ensuring that your drivers' morale is high. Being away from family and friends and driving for hours all by yourself can be incredibly taxing on your drivers' mood. When your team members are happy and healthy, they are more productive, safe, and efficient, and what more could a fleet manager hope for?! An effective way to boost your crews' morale is to outfit your trucks with in-cab, premium satellite.

Truck drivers are a crucial part of the American economy and work tirelessly to keep it moving, so it is only natural that they want to kick back and relax with their favorite shows while they rest on the road. 

Staying up-to-date on current events and watching what's on TV can help your drivers feel included and a part of your community in real-time, even if you're away from your home and couch. When you bring your television along, your trip becomes a lot more interesting and much less lonely, resulting in a significant boost in morale.


  1. Fulfill Mandatory Rest Time — It's no doubt that life on the road consists of long, exhausting hours. A great way to fill that mandatory rest time is to watch your favorite show. Some drivers find that fulfilling their mandatory rest time is tedious and inconvenient. But when your drivers can watch their favorite TV shows on the road, they'll happily get in those rest time hours. 

It’s no secret that your crews work hard, and they deserve to watch their favorite shows during their time off. Whether your drivers like watching sports, the news, sitcoms, movies, and more, they'll be able to catch up on anything they've been wanting to watch with premium in-vehicle satellite TV.


  1. Combat Loneliness on the Road — Loneliness as a truck driver during long hauls is a genuine thing. The feelings of isolation can be overwhelming and can result in serious issues. If your truck drivers feel isolated on the road, satellite TV can help immensely! 

Being alone is not just about a lack of physical presence but also a mental state. Watching television can help fulfill the human need for interaction and connection. Despite your drivers being physically alone, the people on the TV screen can help keep your crew company and make them feel like they are a part of something. 

The faces your drivers see may not be familiar during their time on the road, but their connection when talking about the shows they've watched can feel a lot like the meaningful relationships and connections they have back home. Now your team members are feeling recharged and ready to head back out on the road. Your drivers can enjoy the new memories and relationships they have made despite the confines of their trucks.



Get Satellite TV for Your Truck Drivers with EpicVue  


There are many reasons why you should get satellite TV for your truck drivers. Watching television on the road can help counteract feelings of isolation and loneliness and is an excellent way for your crew to relax during their mandatory rest time. 

Moreover, happy and healthy drivers are more likely to stay with your fleet, significantly reducing the tedious and costly cycle of recruitment and retention. EpicVue specializes in outfitting your fleet with premium in-vehicle satellite televisions.

EpicVue offers your haulers a tiny piece of home away from home. It allows them to kick back, relax, and watch TV in the comfort of their own cabs. It's a gesture designed to create appreciation, loyalty, and commitment between drivers and fleet managers. The benefits you and your drivers will experience make EpicVue well worth the investment! 

With over 180 channels to choose from, your truck drivers will always have something to watch during their time off. Contact us to learn more today!