5 Things You Can Do to Help Your Semi Truck Feel Like Home

Truck Drivers

Aug 24, 2022

Life on the road can be challenging in many ways; that's why doing what you can to make your semi truck feel like home is essential.

There's no secret that the life of a truck driver can be lonely. Hours spent alone on the road, limited interaction with others, and time away from loved ones can take a toll on a person and cause serious feelings of isolation.

However, making your truck feel more like a home away from home is a fantastic way to reduce the heavy feelings of being homesick. Not only that, but it will also boost your mood and make time on the road much more enjoyable.

Creating a welcoming and clean space that fits in with your preferences and taste can help motivate you every day, making going to work exciting. And the best part is you don't have to spend all your hard-earned money on making your truck feel like your own oasis. You'll notice a world of difference in how you feel when you spend countless hours in your rig just by making it a bit more inviting, relaxing, and functional.

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5 Ways to Make Your Semi Truck Feel Like Home


If you want to make the most of your time behind the wheel and make your semi truck feel like home, here's what you need to do:


  1. Prioritize the Way You Rest

As a truck driver, you're probably well aware of the value and importance of quality rest while out on a long haul. You don't need to dread sleeping in your cab!

Making it a space you want to relax and fully recharge for the next leg of the race is crucial! Invest in your health and happiness by buying a quality pillow, cozy sheets, and a mattress or, for additional comfort or support, a mattress topper that supports your body the way you need and prefer. Complete your bedding with a thick, warm blanket, and you'll have the perfect resting place.

A decent place to rest will improve your sleep quality, allowing you to wake up with more energy, drive, and focus on taking on the day ahead, which is essential to truck drivers' health.


  1. Improve Your Captain's Chair

Most of your time in your truck is spent in the driver's seat, so it only makes sense to make this spot as supportive and comfortable as possible. Add a supportive seat cushion that helps prevent current and future back pain. While this may not feel like a way to make your rig homier, it certainly will help you feel happier and pain-free in your truck and will allow you to relax like you would at home.

A good seat cushion should give you lumbar support through the L1 and L5 vertebrae, where most of the back pain from long hours behind the wheel is located. Chronic back pain can negatively affect your driving career and result in managing back pain for the rest of your life. Giving this area of your truck a little focus and attention will completely change the way you experience life on the road.


  1. Keep Things Tidy

The cab of your truck is your office, living room, break room, and bedroom all rolled up into one. While this fact makes your "commute" to and from work a breeze, it's also really easy for the space to get messy and cluttered. Keeping your work and living space clean and organized is proven to improve mood and overall mental health. It allows you to stay focused and work (or relax, depending on the time) more efficiently and effectively.

Everything you bring along with you should have a spot and a place to be put away. Any time you take something out or use something, put it back when you're done. If necessary, invest in some helpful storage solutions that fit your space and your needs.


  1. Decorate the Space

Now, hiring an interior designer is probably not necessary (unless you really want to, then, by all means, go for it!), but putting your spin on how your truck is decorated can help it feel like home.

A great place to start adding your personal touch to your rig is by hanging photos of your loved ones. This helps keep the big picture in mind and why you're out on the road. Another way to help the space feel like home is to post photos of your favorite memories or hobbies, like your last fishing trip.


  1. Find Ways to Be Entertained

Many truck drivers end up spending more time in their vehicles than they do at home, making it critical to make your rig a comfortable and inviting space. A great way to make your truck feel a bit more like home is to have various sources of entertainment.

Do you like listening to podcasts, news or sports radio, or audiobooks? Is there a hobby you can take on the road? Are you into reading books or magazines? Do you love watching movies or TV? Find ways to be entertained during your time away from home.


Getting EpicVue Will Make Your Semi Truck Feel Like Home


As previously mentioned, one of the best entertainment ideas for drivers and an effective way to make your semi truck feel like home is equipping your rig with EpicVue. EpicVue specializes in outfitting semis with premium in-cab Direct TV satellite televisions.

Drivers can wind down during their mandatory breaks and rest time or at the end of the work day by watching their favorite TV shows and catching up on the latest sports events and news. The comforts of your home are available with our satellite TV that lets you stay connected regardless of where you are on the road. It's easy to feel isolated and lonely while spending your days behind the wheel, but watching TV while you are away can help counteract those heavy feelings.

If you're a fleet manager, equipping your vehicles with EpicVue helps create loyalty, commitment, and appreciation between drivers and their superiors. Moreover, happy and healthy crew members are much more likely to stay with their fleet, which significantly reduces the tedious and expensive cycle of recruitment and retention. The benefits you and your drivers will see make EpicVue well worth the investment! Even if you aren't a part of a fleet and own your vehicle, EpicVue is a great addition to your rig!

With many premium channels, truck drivers are sure to find something they'd like to watch, regardless of their unique preferences. Contact our support team today to learn more!