A fleet legacy to enjoy life

Fleet Manager

Jun 10, 2014

Boyd Brothers has a heritage of working hard, working smart and enjoying life. James Watkins, the fleet's communications manager, explains how EpicVue sustains a driving culture focused on quality of life.


Boyd Brothers,  headquartered in Clayton, Alabama, is a flatbed truckload carrier that operates throughout the eastern two-thirds of the United States, hauling primarily steel products and building materials. In these markets, Boyd Brothers serves high-volume, time-sensitive shippers that demand time-definite delivery.


We asked James Watkins, the fleet's communications manager, what makes Boyd Brothers a special fleet to work and drive hard for. His words outline a industry-wide need to focus on driver quality of life.


"I've been with a lot of fleets over the years, but Boyd Brothers treats everyone like family. With over 800 trucks, we may look our drivers up with a number, but they aren't just a number." It's clear that in focusing on what matters, Boyd Brothers has created a culture that helps their drivers stick around. "For one, all our drivers have personalized business cards. It's a community of camaraderie where every driver counts."


Another Boyd Brothers driver just became a Million Miler. "It's always a celebration. We get everyone involved. Being a Million Miler—it's like entering the Hall of Fame in our fleet."


We asked what EpicVue is doing to enhance or complement the overall Boyd Brothers culture.


"We try to get our drivers home on the weekends. But if you know this industry, you know that's not always possible. Initially, we ordered a few EpicVue units to see how our drivers would respond."

The driver's response has been exciting. "EpicVue is all our drivers are talking about," said James. "As of today, we have over 50 cabs installed with EpicVue and I'm ordering another 200 today. It's the next big step for Boyd Brothers to show our drivers that we care."


Because of their relationship with shippers, Boyd Brothers can't promise that every one of their drivers will make it home for the weekend. But James describes that their drivers have a lot character and they understand the industry.


"What we can promise," said James, "is that we'll do everything we can to get drivers home for Saturday, and now with EpicVue we can also promise they'll be more connected to home when we call to inform them of a shipper delay."