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EpicVue fosters employment development, internal growth opportunities, and a relaxed work environment for our team members. Expand your career horizons with EpicVue.

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"The leaders at EpicVue genuinely care about the professional and personal successes of each individual employee. Also, we all are given a chance to make and impact in growing our company no matter what position and it feels like we are all in this together as a team."

- Jordan, Systems

“I like working for EpicVue because the management team is a good group of people who really care about the individuals on their team. EpicVue is also a cool service to sale that impacts our customers- both drivers and fleets for the better.”

Serge, Sales

“I get to work in a small business environment that allows me to fully leverage my skills and expertise in a wide variety of ways with an opportunity to make a significant impact. It is a tight-nit group of people who are all interested in finding ways to contribute and make a difference all while finding ways to have fun doing it. I love the opportunities my job provides and the people I get to work with.”

Russ, Operations

“I love working for EpicVue because of the care each employee shows for one another. The support we offer each other goes beyond just work.”

Megan, Accounting

“EpicVue is a great company. They provide each employee every resource needed to complete assigned responsibilities. I enjoy working for a company that is in the forefront of new technology for fleets. It is fun to be apart of a company that helps other companies become better, more efficient, and more profitable. In my time here, there seems to be a great buzz and momentum moving the company forward to bigger and better things and I am excited to be a part of it.”

Lance, Sales

“EpicVue has been an incredible company to work for. The leadership has an open door policy and always puts their employees and families first. The heart of the company is innovation and encourages employees to learn how to thrive here and to use their individuality to better support the company. At EpicVue, we have core values that everyone is committed to that help us as a team become focused on the same purpose while at work.”

Lindsay, People

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