Interested in streaming services or TV for Truckers? Here’s why truck drivers watch during their mandatory downtime. The life of a truck driver is much different than most other occupations. Drivers spend countless hours behind the wheel and on the road, but what do they do when they aren’t actively driving? There are many things […]

Every experienced truck driver has a list of things that they absolutely need in their truck while they’re on the road. When you’re going on a long trip, packing the essentials is, well, essential! And it’s no different for those in the business of long distance trucking. For truckers, packing can feel like a constant […]

Finding exercise equipment perfect for truckers can feel tricky, but we’re filling you in on everything you need to take along during your long hauls. Life on the road as a truck driver can make taking care of yourself, both mentally and physically, incredibly challenging. Days, sometimes weeks, are spent away from home and everyday […]

The best way for all to relax and settle in for the night, one that just about everybody can all get on board with, is watching TV. But how do truck drivers watch TV on the road? Well, there are a few ways they can do this. 

Life on the road can be challenging in many ways; that’s why doing what you can to make your semi truck feel like home is essential. There’s no secret that the life of a truck driver can be lonely. Hours spent alone on the road, limited interaction with others, and time away from loved ones […]

If you’re considering going into the long-haul truck driving field, you may wonder, “Is truck driving hard on your body?” Everyone knows that there are health risks associated with most occupations, and long-haul truck drivers are not exempt. Truck driving requires sitting for hours on end, exposure to various pollutants and elements, countless hours of […]

What does the day of a truck driver really look like? Today we’re diving into what a typical day looks like behind the wheel. You’ve probably heard some ads on the radio or seen an advertisement in your local newspaper with fleet members smiling widely, giving a thumbs up or their hands placed on their […]

Implementing these entertainment ideas for truckers can help keep your fleet members happy while they’re on the road. Truck drivers can be out on long hauls for weeks at a time with hours to kill every day as they crawl through traffic jams, cross state lines, and wait for crews at the loading and unloading […]

Managing work-life balance in truck drivers is essential for fleet managers— here’s why it’s so important. It probably does not come as a surprise that the majority of U.S. employees struggle to find an ideal balance between their work and home lives. Work-life balance is a crucial part of any person employed. However, for truck […]

Are you a fleet manager? Are you thinking about getting satellite TV for your truck drivers? It is no secret that life on the road can be challenging for drivers and fleet managers. Between long hours and being away from loved ones, driving trucks for a living, like many other occupations, comes with difficult parts.  […]