Get ’em in the mini fridge

Truck Drivers

Jun 16, 2014

You’re on the road a lot, and good eats are notorious for making the trip more interesting and the health fallout more fattening. 


Now that you’re driving the epic life, watching your favorite shows on EpicVue and taking some good quality downtime, you’re going to need a nice stock of culinary company with each episode.


We've got 4 snack recommendations to make the experience tasty and healthy. 


Peanut Butter Banana Burritos


The Peanut Butter Banana Burrito is a quick, satisfying mini meal that will come in under 400 calories. Throw a dollop of peanut butter (look for peanut butter that lists only peanuts and salt as ingredients) on a whole wheat tortilla. Then peel a banana, wrap it in the whole-wheat tortilla, and snack away. All you need is the following:

  • 1 whole-wheat tortilla
  • Peanut butter or almond butter
  • 1 peeled banana (also try fruits like apples or strawberries)

Prefer to go nuts



Skipthe M&Ms and go straight for a mix of nuts. Packed with protein, fiber and healthy fats that can actually lower your LDL cholesterol levels, nuts make a satisfying snack choice for the road. Buy nuts with low sodium and no added flavors. If you’re worried about overeating, here’s a quick list of portion sizes:
  • 1 Serving of Peanuts — 28
  • 1 Serving of Cashews — 16
  • 1 Serving of Pistachios — 45
  • 1 Serving of Almonds — 24
All granola ain't created equal  granola-shape

Granola bars are often touted as the healthy snack for people on the go, but not all granola bars are created equal. Most granola bars have enough sugar and fat earning them a place on the candy bar shelf, which is why we recommend KIND Mini Nut Delight granola bars. Each satisfying bar has less than 7 grams of sugar and clocks in just under 130 calories.


What’s better than fruit and cheese?


Fruit and cheese together. Don’t knock the combo till you try it. Fruit and cheese is a protein-rich, low-calorie snack that feels more like a small feast. Use either string cheese or pre-packaged, single sticks of cheese. Pair cheese with grapes or apples, and you’ve basically got a meal that’ll last you two episodes of Master Chef. Here’s why it works.


The protein in cheese satisfies your hunger and fruit curbs your sweet tooth. 


That's how you drive life a little more epic without racking up the calorie intake. The idea is to prepare. Take time to go shopping before a run, or as part of downtime. Your sleeper will feel more like home, and you'll feel better while watching the game, HBO or whatever you are watching these days.