How to Watch TV In a Semi-Truck?

Truck Drivers

Oct 5, 2022

Have you ever wondered how a truck driver watches TV in a semi-truck? We're filling you in on the best ways to do it.

It probably doesn't come as too big of a shock that the life of a trucker is a lot different than a typical nine-to-five job. Life on the road and being away from family and other loved ones is incredibly challenging. That, coupled with the intense pressures that come with delivery deadlines and constantly fighting traffic, is a recipe for exhausted workers. It's no wonder why rest and recovery time is so essential in the industry.

Finding at least a couple of activities or ways to relax and disconnect from the day's stresses is crucial for truck drivers. A lot of truckers take up hobbies like reading or exercising. Others choose to learn an instrument or a new language is also a great way to unwind. 

But, the best way for all to relax and settle in for the night, one that just about everybody can all get on board with, is watching TV. But how do truck drivers watch TV on the road? Well, there are a few ways they can do this. 

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How to Watch TV in Semi Trucks


There are many ways truckers can watch TV, movies, and other types of content during their time on a long haul. Some haulers prefer to keep it old school and off the grid by watching their go-to shows and movies offline. This method requires a TV, DVDs, a DVD player, and the necessary cables. Today, buying DVDs isn't too expensive. However, if you're an avid collector, you might spend a lot of money on your collection. Also, you'll want to remember that many new releases are not readily available on DVD. 

Another excellent option for truck drivers wanting to watch shows and movies on the road is streaming services. There are over 200 different streaming services you can subscribe to; however, you'll have a hard time catching up on the news, current sporting events, and shows that are airing in real-time. With most streaming services, you're left watching episodes of shows and movies that have been available for months or even years — content that you have likely already seen.

Not too long ago, watching TV — the same TV you would watch at home on your couch — on the road from the cab of a semi-truck seemed like it could never be a possibility. Thankfully, truck drivers can now watch their favorite TV programs and movies from the comfort of their trucks. 


How Watching Satellite TV in Semi Trucks Works


Giving a trucker the ability to watch premium in-vehicle satellite TV is an exciting option! To watch TV while they're on the road, they'll need some equipment:

  • A satellite dome and receiver
  • TV screen
  • Cabling and mounting equipment
  • Local area antenna 

The beauty of satellite TV is that it works from anywhere at any time! There's no worrying about fighting for WiFI bandwidth at busy truck stops or dead zones with little or no signal.


Great for Owner-Operators or Members of Fleets


Watching satellite TV while you're on a long haul is an exciting potential where awesome innovation and advanced technology meet. Whether you're an owner-operator or a fleet member, you can outfit your truck with satellite TV in a few mounting options.


Options for Satellite Mounting


It doesn't matter if you're smack dab in the city or the middle of nowhere; finding a signal isn't an issue with these mounting options:

  • Roof Mount — Roof mounts feature three footings that are permanently attached to the top of the truck cab.
  • Rear Mount — Rear mounts are permanently and securely attached to a slip bracket near the truck cab's rear.
  • Window Mount — Window mounts attach to a small, temporary bracket that hangs from the driver or passenger window. The satellite dome and mount are taken down and stored inside the truck cab when it is not in use or the semi is moving.

Today's aerodynamic and sleek satellite dome designs and these great mounting options decrease wind resistance, thus eliminating any negative effects on your trucks' fuel mileage.


More on How to Watch TV in Semi Trucks


The ability to watch TV and movies during rest and recovery time during a long haul is an exciting concept for semi-drivers. It wasn't all that long ago that this idea would cost multiple thousands of dollars. Now, equipping your semi trucks with satellite TV is a simple and modest investment. Here's how it works:

  • For obvious safety reasons, semi trucks must be stationary.
  • Park your truck so the satellite dome has an unobstructed view of the southeastern sky.
  • The trucker has an easy-to-use switch to turn the satellite on and off.
  • After a few minutes to calibrate, your satellite will retrieve the signal.
  • Turn on your receiver and TV and watch your favorite live or recorded television shows and movies!
  • When drivers are sleeping or behind the wheel, they can use the DVR to record any shows they don't want to miss safely.

Want to Watch Satellite TV In Your Semi Truck? Get EpicVue!


Watching TV from the comforts of your semi truck has never been easier than it is with EpicVue. We specialize in outfitting your trucks with premium in-cab satellite TV. 

Life behind the wheel and on the road can be incredibly isolating; however, watching TV during those long hauls can help counteract those lonely feelings. It's the perfect way for drivers to spend their mandatory rest and recovery time. If you want your drivers to be happy and healthy and stay with your fleet longer, give them a piece of home with EpicVue.

With more than 180 premium satellite TV channels, your drivers will surely find something they'll want to watch, regardless of their TV-watching preferences. Contact us to learn more today!