Launching the new way to drive

Truck Drivers

May 23, 2014

Ever since professional drivers stepped into the cab they've been looking for ways to make the sleeper more home-like and comfortable. The twentieth century did a lot to help with advancements in technology like the microwave, cellphone and flat screen TV. These have led to a more connected way of life on the road. So what's next?


Professional drivers have been waiting for the day when pulling over anywhere, grabbing the remote and kicking their feet up in the sleeper to watch live premium TV programming would be the reality.


That day is now.

Introducing EpicVue, the first-ever in-cab premium entertainment experience—the new way to drive.

For the last few years, we've been working to bring in-cab premium entertainment to the trucking industry, specifically to fleets.  In fact, Lance Platt, CEO of EpicVue, explains how it all started.


"The industry came to us, and we delivered. Our goal was to bring the living-room experience to the sleeper. Drivers should be able to watch what they want to watch, whenever they want. It shouldn't matter if they're at home or parked in the middle of nowhere."


EpicVue makes it possible, combining portable satellite technology with premium entertainment, like NFL Sunday Ticket, HBO, Showtime and 100+ other channels.


As of June 2, 2014, fleets that subscribe to EpicVue will be able to provide their drivers the same live, quality HD television they'd enjoy in their own living rooms. Drivers equipped with the EpicVue setup can park anywhere on their route, link up to a satellite connection (a process that takes a mere 90 seconds) and watch live TV.


EpicVue is available exclusively through fleets. Flexible subscription options include 5- and 3-year pricing as well as a full replacement warranty with 24/7 support.