The Importance of Work-Life Balance in Truck Drivers

Truck Drivers

May 11, 2022

Managing work-life balance in truck drivers is essential for fleet managers— here's why it's so important.

It probably does not come as a surprise that the majority of U.S. employees struggle to find an ideal balance between their work and home lives. Work-life balance is a crucial part of any person employed. However, for truck drivers, it's even more important. A truck driver's life is vastly different from somebody with a typical nine to five job. Managing a work-life balance can be tricky between the long hours, time away from your loved ones, isolation, and everything else that comes with being a trucker.

Learn more about why a balanced work-life among truck drivers is crucial below.



The Effects of Poor Work-Life Balance in Truck Drivers


A truck driver's work schedule can be all over the place. Truck drivers are on a strict schedule full of deadlines which can sometimes require drivers to drive through all hours of the night. This affects their sleep behaviors and results in symptoms such as excessive fatigue. Whether it be because of working overtime, long days or a night shift, reduced sleep during their workweeks is directly connected to increased fatigue.

Having tired drivers on the road is a huge risk to both themselves and other people on the road. Moreover, drivers are at the highest risk of overwork-related cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. This fact is especially concerning since truck drivers are already at a significant disadvantage both physically and mentally due to the nature of their jobs and work schedules.



Poor Work-Life Balance in Truck Drivers Results in Increased Turnover


A bad balance of work and life for truck drivers does not only impact their physical and mental health. If the scale is not properly balanced, drivers are more likely to quit their jobs. An undesirable balance between home and work is more than enough reason for employees to leave and find other work.

A high turnover rate does not allow companies to meet their delivery deadlines, resulting in a damaged reputation that is extremely challenging to repair. Moreover, constantly needing to find and train new drivers is incredibly expensive and time-consuming — something most companies try to avoid losing.

So, as a result, with every driver that needs to be replaced, the business' profit margins diminish even more.



A Healthy Work-Life Balance in truck Drivers Equals Happy Employees


Providing truck drivers with a quality work-life balance increases their levels of contentment and happiness. They are less likely to feel as though they are only living to work. Instead, a balanced life allows them to take on an active role at home and at their jobs. Not only does this directly affect the employees, but it also affects the overall happiness and wellness of their loved ones back home. This results in better, stronger relationships and bonds.

Employers should want their team to be happy, especially because a happy employee means a productive employee. They're more likely to have a positive, can-do, helpful attitude and are more willing to put quality effort and time into their work because they do not experience burnout.



Ways to Improve Work-Life Balance in Truck Drivers


As you can see, the balance between work and home for truck drivers is essential. Thankfully, there are a few things employers can do to promote a better work-life balance in truck drivers. Here's what they can do:


  • Be As Flexible with the Schedule As Possible — In this industry, many deliveries must be made by a specific time. But when deliveries offer a bit more flexibility, try to give your drivers the same flexibility to allow them to participate in the events back at home without impacting the work.
  • Make Staying in Touch With Loved Ones Easier — If your drivers are working long hours during the day, give them the ability to stay connected with those back at home. This could be as simple as making sure they are taking regular breaks where they can make a quick phone call or send a text. Or it could mean equipping your trucks with Bluetooth technology so they can chat on the road.
  • Encourage Overall Health and Wellness — Make the health and wellness of your drivers a priority. Make sure they get adequate sleep, eat a healthy diet, and exercise whenever possible.
  • Give Time Off for Important Personal Events — Life is full of important and manful events, and your drivers' lives are no different. Avoid issues by approving time off so your drivers can be present for the important events in their lives.



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