Watching TV On The Road: How Truckers Do It

Truck Drivers

Mar 9, 2022

Life as a truck driver can be hard, but the long hours and being away from loved ones for days or weeks can be made easier by watching TV on the road.

It's no surprise that long hauls can be lonely and challenging overall. Separation from friends and family can feel isolating and like a solitary confinement sentence. With the intense loneliness coupled with the immense pressure to meet delivery deadlines while fighting traffic, it's no wonder your drivers are exhausted when they pull over to fulfill their mandatory rest time.

All drivers need to find a way to unwind and disconnect from the stresses of their days with a couple of enjoyable activities. One of the best ways to kick back and relax at home is to watch TV, so why not do that while you're on the road from the comfort of your cab?

Continue reading to learn more about watching television during your long hauls below.



Watching TV on the Road: Ways to Do It


There are many ways truck drivers can engage in watching content during their time on the road. In years past, some haulers preferred to watch shows and movies offline. Keep in mind this method requires the use of DVDs and a DVD player or a way to watch downloads. Over time, buying new movies to add to your collection can really start to add up, not to mention that many new releases are not easily or immediately available on DVD. 

For those who have graduated from the world of watching movies and shows on DVDs, streaming services are an excellent option for drivers hoping to watch shows on the road. While there's a wealth of movies and series options available, streaming services do not allow you to catch up on the news, sporting events, and current shows airing on TV in real-time (or recorded to watch later). Instead, you're left watching content that has been available for months and even years— stuff that you have surely already seen.

Not too many years ago, watching TV on the road from the cab seemed like it would never be a possibility. Thankfully, you can now watch your favorite programs from the comfort of your own truck. 



How Watching Satellite TV on the Road Works


Allow your truck drivers the opportunity to watch premium in-vehicle satellite TV while they're on the road by outfitting your fleet with satellite TV. Equipment packages typically include:

  • A satellite dome and receiver
  • 24" flat-screen TV
  • Cabling and mounting equipment
  • Local area antenna 



Owner/Operator or Not 


Watching TV on the road is an exciting potential where innovation and technology meet. Whether you own your own truck or are a part of a fleet, your truck can be outfitted with a satellite TV permanently or temporarily.



Satellite Mounting Options 


Finding a signal in even the most remote locations isn't a problem with these mounting options:


  • Rear Mount: A rear mount is permanently and securely attached to a slip bracket on the truck cab's rear.
  • Window Mount: A window mount attaches to a small, temporary bracket that hangs on the cab window. The mount and satellite dome are removed and stored inside the cab when the truck is in motion.
  • Roof Mount: A roof mount has three footings that are permanently attached to the top of the cab.

Most satellite mounting solutions should not impact the fuel mileage of your trucks. Today’s aerodynamic design of the satellite dome decreases wind resistance, thus eliminating any negative impact on your fleets' fuel mileage.



More on How Trucks Are Watching TV on the Road


The ability to watch TV on the road is an exciting concept for truck drivers. It wasn't too long ago that this would cost thousands and thousands of dollars. Now you can equip your fleet with satellite TV for a modest investment. Here's how the system works:


  • The truck must be stationary for obvious safety reasons with an unobstructed view of the southeastern sky.
  • The driver uses a switch to turn on the satellite dome.
  • After a few minutes, your dome will retrieve the signal.
  • Turn on your receiver and begin watching live or recorded television!
  • For those instances when truck drivers are working or sleeping, they can use the DVR to safely record shows, so they don't miss a thing.



Perks of Satellite Television


There are many perks of satellite TV. Here are a couple:


  • No Internet? No Problem — Satellite TV works anywhere at any time! You don't have to worry about dead spots or fighting for WiFi bandwidth at truck stops.
  • inMotion Availability — Never miss a thing with inMotion recording options. These features give you the opportunity to watch or record your favorite shows while the truck is moving — a great option for team drivers or for solo drivers that want to DVR their must-watch games, shows, or movies for later.



Interested in Watching TV on the Road? EpicVue Can Help!


Watching TV on the road can make certain aspects of life as a truck driver more enjoyable. 

Watching television during your long hauls can help counteract feelings of loneliness and isolation and is the perfect way for your drivers to relax during their mandatory rest and recovery time. Additionally, happy and healthy truck drivers are much more likely to stay on with your fleet, significantly reducing the tedious and expensive cycle of recruitment and retention. EpicVue specializes in outfitting your trucks with premium in-cab satellite televisions.

EpicVue offers your team members a tiny piece of home away from home. It allows them to kick back, unwind, and watch TV in the comfort of their own vehicle. This gesture is designed to create appreciation, loyalty, and commitment between drivers and their fleets. The benefits you and your drivers will experience make EpicVue well worth the investment! 

With over 180 premium channels, your truck drivers are sure to find something to watch, regardless of their preferences. Contact our team to learn more today!