EpicVue Satellite Systems

Fleet Installation

If you plan to perform your own installation, our installation manual and videos below will walk you through the process step by step.

Video 1

Partner Installation

Rather have an expert install your systems? EpicVue has partnered with Velociti to deliver a seamless installation solution.

Installation Requirements*

EpicVue equipment only uses AC power to run. Prior to installing the EpicVue dome, DVR receiver and TV, fleets will need to purchase and install an inverter into each truck.

Note: EpicVue requires a minimum 150W inverter. To support other devices such as microwaves, refrigerators, etc., we recommend installing a 400W–1200W inverter.


*Inverters are not provided by EpicVue.

Power Draw

EpicVue equipment draws a minimum amount of wattage without compromising charge time or quality. We’ve measured the systems draw in three different modes to help you use the system efficiently. Expect 5-8 hours of live satellite TV before batteries need to charge again. Idling for 20 minutes charges batteries for an additional 3-6 viewing hours.

Quick charge time and long battery life for more viewing hours.

Warranty Information

EpicVue Support and Troubleshooting (Dome and Receiver)


The Process: Drivers experiencing issues with their equipment should call Tier 1 Driver Support (number located below as well as on the back of the Driver Quick Tips). If Tier 1 Driver Support cannot fix the problem, then the call will be escalated to Tier 2. If Tier 2 cannot fix the problem over the phone, then the driver will be instructed to return to the fleet for further troubleshooting assistance. Tier 2 will then notify the fleet contact through an email which will include the contact information for Tier 2 Driver Support. It is expected that the technician will reach out to Tier 2 for troubleshooting help when the faulty equipment and/or truck has returned to the terminal. In the event that equipment is found defective, Driver Support will issue an RMA to swap it out, see below.


Tier 1 Driver Support:


This line is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist drivers with any questions or equipment issues they may be experiencing.


Tier 2 Fleet Support:


This line is staffed Monday – Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM CST and should only be used by fleet companies or installation technicians who are experiencing problems with the EpicVue system and/or products.

Please note: If drivers call this line directly they will automatically be rerouted to Tier 1 Driver Support for troubleshooting assistance.


EpicVue RMA Process
If Driver Support identifies the equipment as problematic, they will request an RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorization) from EpicVue. EpicVue will then gather the information, fill out the form and initiate an exchange replacement from our distributor. After which EpicVue will send a notification email to the fleet contact including the product serial number, return address, FedEx Account# and further instruction. Once our distributor receives the product they will test the item to determine if it’s a non-warranty or warranty issue. If the product is found to be non-warranty, the fleet will be billed for the repair and shipping cost. In the event that the unit is not worth the repair cost, the unit will be returned to the fleet and a small handling fee will be charged.

Note: As it can be very difficult to time when the drivers will be returning to the fleet with the shipping of the RMA replacement, we ask that each fleet have a few spare units on hand. This will allow the driver to swap out his unit and get back on the road. In the event that this happens simply pull and replenish your current inventory with the RMA replacement. If your fleet has already installed all of their units and you don’t have any spares on site please notify EpicVue and we will ship you a few.


Return of EpicVue system components overview:
DIRECTV receivers and domes will be sent to the address listed on the RMA, if you have multiple terminals please be sure to make this very clear in the RMA form.
If the dome needs to be shipped back, try to use the original packaging which includes the Styrofoam molding and the cardboard box.


For shipping parts back:
DIRECTV receivers ship via Fed Ex with 3rd party billing to EpicVue
Create your own account to set up a shipment
EpicVue domes that are currently under warranty will receive a UPS pre-paid shipping label “ARS tag” from Winegard
In the instance that RMA is requested without Tier 2 troubleshooting the issue, the fleet will be responsible for shipping the unit back. In addition, the fleet will be billed for the analysis time plus the return shipping cost if the unit tests good or the issue is out of warranty.
For out of warranty repairs such as physical damage to unit, the customer is responsible for inbound and outbound shipping and repair costs.


Length of warranty
With the exception of the TV, EpicVue warranties the rest of the equipment for the term of the agreement, see contract.

7 days – Any physical damage visible upon delivery
30 days – Damage found on equipment right out of the box (must have original box for TV)
Term of Agreement – Equipment failure of the dome, receiver, and cords


Warranty Contact