Decker Truck Line expands in-cab offerings

Fleet Owner

Mar 22, 2024


Decker Truck Line upgrades to EpicVue+ to offer its 800 drivers entertainment options and increase engagement.


EpicVue, an in-cab entertainment and communication provider, recently announced that Decker Truck Line is upgrading to EpicVue+. The trucking company will implement the entertainment, engagement, and educational platform across its fleet of 800 tractors.


“We’ve had great success over the past five years with EpicVue in-cab TV as a recruiting, retention, and driver comfort tool, and now we’re looking forward to using EpicVue+ to enable an even better relationship with our drivers,” said Dale Decker, CEO at Decker Truck Line. “Interpersonal communication with drivers, who make up the majority of our workforce, is difficult in this industry. We are excited to see what we can do to improve our engagement with drivers by using EpicVue+.”


Decker Truck Line is also anticipating savings by using the EpicVue+ platform to exchange information in place of tablet data plans. The company will eliminate the cost of those plans by using EpicVue+ on the Verizon network as a single system for operational data and communication and to give drivers access to in-cab Wi-Fi.


“We’ve been discussing the capabilities that EpicVue+ now offers with EpicVue for a number of years,” Decker said. “We’re glad they’ve implemented their roadmap for the future and done the work to make this technology available, and we’re excited to see what we can now do to work more closely with our drivers.”


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EpicVue+ provides an entertainment, engagement, and educational platform for commercial truck fleets with the ability to:

  • Entertain: Allow drivers to watch or record TV in their trucks with more than 100 channels of live programming, premium services, and a library of on-demand content.
  • Educate: Provide drivers with training and education to implement best practices and reinforce compliance by managing content distribution or enabling access to online training.
  • Engage: Use a custom home screen branded for each carrier and a dedicated fleet channel to distribute company announcements and fleet news, promote incentives to reward drivers for performance, and acknowledge standout employees.

“EpicVue+ will allow Decker Truck Line to stay connected with their drivers and provide the comforts of connectivity and entertainment,” said Lance Platt, CEO of EpicVue. “We’ve been planning this revolutionary platform for truck fleets for some time, and with the input of long-time customers like Decker we are making it a reality. We look forward to their success using EpicVue+ to have a stronger connection to their drivers and improve job satisfaction through entertainment, education, and engagement.”