EpicVue+ at TCA Conference

Truckload Carriers Association

Mar 22, 2024

EpicVue+, a Revolutionary Driver Engagement and Fleet Efficiency Tool Launched at TCA Conference

  Nashville, 2024 – At the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, EpicVue, the leader in in-cab entertainment solutions, unveiled its latest innovation, EpicVue+, an entertainment delivery service designed with the needs of the long haul trucker in mind. This enhanced platform marks a significant accomplishment in how fleets entertain, educate, and engage drivers on the road.   EpicVue+ is the result of EpicVue's commitment to improving the driver experience by integrating entertainment, education, and engagement into one comprehensive and easy-to-use platform. Decker Truck Line, a renowned trucking company with a fleet of 700 tractors, has already embraced EpicVue+ to foster a closer relationship with its drivers and streamline communications between drivers and operations. Decker expects EpicVue+ to be a highly functional addition to their driver experience and an effective tool for drivers while away from home.   Press Conference Highlights:
  • Introduction of EpicVue+: Lance Platt, CEO of EpicVue, will detail the development and capabilities of EpicVue+, highlighting its role in revolutionizing driver-fleet interactions.
  • Impact on Fleet Operations: Insights into how EpicVue+ offers a unified solution for entertainment, education and engagement addressing the industry challenges of driver retention and job satisfaction.
  • Driver Convenience: Drivers now have access and connectivity to the benefits of all EpicVue+ products from one access point, eliminating the need to use multiple vendors.
  • Future of Fleet Communication: Discussion on the potential of EpicVue+ to develop the future of internal fleet communications, training, and driver well-being.
  Lance Platt's Presentation Talking Points:   Welcome and introduction to EpicVue's mission and the evolution of in-cab entertainment.   The introduction of EpicVue+ and its features: Entertainment, Education, and Engagement while also giving the drivers convenient access to entertainment products from one access point. An entire app / platform designed to address the specific needs of fleets that want to engage more effectively with their drivers.   Highlighting the partnership with Decker Truck Line and the tangible benefits experienced.   The strategic importance of EpicVue+ in addressing driver retention and communication challenges within the trucking industry.   EpicVue+ is focussed on the driver now more than ever, helping to create a more connected, satisfied, and efficient driver workforce.   Closing remarks on EpicVue's commitment to innovation and its ongoing role in enhancing the trucking industry.   EpicVue invites TCA Conference attendees to learn more about how EpicVue+ is setting new standards in driver engagement and fleet efficiency, and to meet basketball legend Jalen Rose at booth #817.   Jalen Rose at EpicVue Booth #817, Sunday March 24 from 3:30-5:30pm   About EpicVue: Founded in Salt Lake City in 2014, EpicVue has revolutionized in-cab satellite TV service for commercial truck fleets. EpicVue+ builds on this legacy, offering an entertainment platform as well as an internal communications and driver education platform, to enhance driver quality of life and support fleet managers in their recruiting and retention efforts.    Visit www.epicvue.com for more information.